Private Actor Coaching

$ 100.00 USD

You get a 1.5 hour session one on one session with Michael to hone your scene and bring it to its fullest potential and have it be locked in and loaded for brillance.  


Monthly Actor Coaching Sessions

$ 250.00 USD

This is for the actor who wants to study intensly on a one on one basis with Michael to develop their skill level and a business plan for their acting career.  

You will gain additional expertise and skills to further move your career forward both on an artistic level and also on a business level. The monthly coaching sessions are comprised of two meeting a month with Michael and you get that one on one intensive work that hones in on the skills and techniques to drive your professional career forward.   

This is for the serious professional.  


Success Coaching - Intensive (4 month commitment - minimum)

$ 200.00 USD

This is for those people who are ready to work intensely on a one on one basis, over a minimum of 4 months with Michael.  This is designed to spring your career forward at a rapid rate.

You received two 90 minute sessions with Michael a month to assist in identifying and releasing the thoughts, beliefs and habits that are holding you back from creating the kind of life that you want to have.  You also get one 30 minute tune up session a month also.  All sessions are recorded for your convenience so you can continually return and accurately work on moving forward.  Make the commitment now.  


Individual Monthly Sucess Coaching Sessions - one month at a time

$ 300.00 USD

By purchasing this package you receive the ability of working one on one with Michael for one month at a time.  

You receive two 90 minute sessions with Michael.  These sessions are recorded for your use and you can acess them at any time to continue to work on identifying the belief and habits that are keeping your from achieveing all that you want out of your life.  

A great value for those who do not want to make a multi-month commitment.


Individual Success Tune Up Session

$ 75.00 USD

For those of you who don't want to commit to a full blown intense sessions, this is just a quick one hour (probably longer since I have a tendency to talk alot), that will help target what you want to achieve in your conscious creation.  Its just a quick one topic work session.  Try it, its fun


Kick Off Your New Year; 1.5 hour One on One Sessions

$ 50.00 USD

This is a one on one session that you have with Michael in which you create your intentions for what you want to manifest in 2016.   

The process of reviewing your old year and getting clear on your intentions for the New Year are carefully guided and delineated for you.  You look at where you've come and where you want to go and what you want to achieve in the coming year and then you are able to easily set those intentions in areas such as career, finances, relationshipes and other areas that you want to address.  Most of all its fun

The entire session is recorded for you to reference as you go about creating your year.  Sign up now as sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours and the slots fill up fast.  Kick Off Your New Year with clear, concise and more empowered intentions so you can receive more of what you want.