I have worked in a variety of corporations for over 35 years. Those include the legal profession, film financing, medical industry, medical insurance, property and casualty insurance, workers compensation insurance, payroll, tax, fast food (who hasn't), entertainment, banking, education, mortgage banking industries to name a few.  So I have a breadth of knowledge on business and business operations that is truly enviable.

Coupled with that, are outstanding project management and operational development skills, that bring projects in on time and under budget with great cost savings to a company.  Additionally, I have great analytical skills that are able to identify ready made savings and efficiencies that a company can easily implement to gain & obtain more money in their pockets and drive profits.

So how can I help you?  Start by contacting me and we can discuss what you are looking for in moving your company forward or maybe just starting your business up and moving you forward in your career.  All it takes is contacting me by clicking here and we can start the conversation.  The initial talk is on me.  What are you waiting for?  You're just a click away.  

After spending over 30 years in Corporate America and working with some large multi-state companies, I bring a unique and honest approach to leading your executives and c-suite employees to discovering their hidden talents and latent abilities.  

Through a series of easy exercises, I allow the executive to tap into these hidden talents and enhance their ability to become more effective leaders by determining the type of leader that they want to become and then establish easy to access goals and objectives that adds more value to both themselves and the companies bottom line.  It works, its easy and yes it is fun.  That's all it has to be.

Michael Tatlock - Acting & Personal Success Coach