I have been a professional actor for over 40 years.  As with most creative people I worked side jobs to pay the rent and keep a roof over my head and food on the table.  As with anyone I gained in both areas of my life and rose in both mediums quite easily.  It wasn't until I relocated back to Los Angeles, CA in the late 2000's that I found myself working with a variety of C-Suite people and corporations working to move them forward and accelerate their business goals.  Along with this work I grew my own acting career from one that was dormant to one that was thriving.  

In the early 2010's my work slowly transformed into working more and more with creative types, like actors, actresses, singers, dancers, writers, directors and producers to help them, as well as myself move their creative careers forward.  On the creative business side I have helped clients reorganize and grow their careers and businesses so that within a year their income from these ventures had double.  One of my clients went from a decades long drought to a recurring role on a wonderful cable program.  My career also flourished, since I am big on walking the talk and working on myself and my career and business to grow my career.  Currently I have one weekly show on You Tube and also another show getting ready to go into production as well as working on a comedy series that is being shopped around to a variety of networks and channels as well as a new one man show getting ready to go up and out to some wonderful theatre festivals in 2018.  All by doing the work that I would be doing with you.  You know, walking the talk. 

So go ahead if you're curious and click on the contact me link above to schedule your free one hour session with me.  What have you got to lose?