My acting philosophy is pretty simple.  Just be the best you can be in the moment, with all the tools that you have at your disposal.  And the best tool you can have is YOU!  You are the sum total of all your experience that you have absorbed up to this point.  My job as your acting coach is to maximize that by exposing you to a variety of techniques that allow you to build wonderful, fun characters and have them jump off the screen or stage.  

By knowing how to create a character from either the outside in or the inside out, you get to discover for yourself what works best for you in whatever acting circumstance you encounter.  The key is to find the best and most consistent hook for you to get yourself in tune with the character and then honestly and believably perform that character being true to both you and the script.  

Together we create the foundation for you to spring forward and continue to be the best actor that you can be.  Its not about the technique, it is about you and your use of a variety of techniques that will allow you to bring fully formed characters to life. 

I bring over 40 years of acting experience onstage, in TV and Film.  Coupled with an education and teaching background, I am adept at allowing you the freedom to explore all the various techniques available to you as an actor along with encouraging you to discover what works for you in any given circumstance and environment.  Added to that I make it fun and entertaining.  You receive individualized attention on both your acting skills and also your acting business.  Its a great combination.  Sign up for your first session today.  Just click the Say Hello button and the first one is on me.  What have you got to lose?