Michael Tatlock - Acting &Personal Success Coach

What Do You Want?

So that's the question at hand.  I combine a total of over 40 years as a professional working actor, two degrees in acting and a host of skills honed by countless hours onstage and in front of cameras to allow you to develop and create your own acting style.  

While not steeped in any one acting philosophy, I am able to bring a number of techniques to bear to enable you to create the kind of characterizations that are full and compelling to the viewer.  You understand what its like to create a character from the outside in and from the inside out.  But its all based on you and what works best for you. 

Combine that with over 10 years coaching and consulting with individuals both big and small and countless success for both the individuals and companies, then you are coming to a place where you can combine your creative work and your business work together and build a career that is the envy of all. 

So sign up for a free phone call with me and see what the possibilities are for you to move forward in your career and thrive, easily and effortlessly.  Try it out you won't regret it. 







Michael Tatlock Acting &Personal Success coach